AR-01 Frameset

A frameset with no compromises, light, rigid, aerodynamic and extremely precise in high performance situations.

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Veleno TS Bike

An affordable 950 gram competition framset that is packed with new ideas that point towards the future.

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Phibra EVO Frameset

R&D by Podium created the distinctive shape that makes the Phibra EVO a pioneer in technological solutions.

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Carrera Bicycles

Carrera bicycles are created to meet the demands of the challenging European race circuit, and offer the most advanced technologies with the highest quality standards. It is a company built on the cohesion of teamwork capable of obtaining important successes side by side with great champions on the roads & race circuits of Italy, and the whole world. The value of a Carrera bicycle lives in its history, in the myths of its champions, in the passion of its founders and in all the people who choose to practice this sport with the enthusiasm, freedom and effort that combined, create self-esteem and well-being.


Fine Italian Road Bikes

A bicycle that has not been improvised by chance, but has been built from a proven 30 years professional racing experience.